Today our reporters have heard a dramatic story of a girl named "Jenneh The Brave" from eyewitnesses.
We've questioned all the oranges in the bowl, and we're pretty confident that the tale they told us is true.

At 3:00 PM Jenneh the Brave entered the room, as usual she walked the walk, and if staring could burn, then her ass wa-[censored].
after Jenneh the Brave sat on the couch, orange yorp noticed that orange flierp was acting weird...
flierps eyes were all red and his voice was raspy
"Hey flierp, your eyes are red, do you need some eyedrops?"
"ROARRrrr- huh? wha yea gimme that!"
"wow your voice is raspy"
"I need some water..."
one a flash orange flierp jumped out of the bowl and attacked Jenneh the Brave who sat there helplessly on the couch.
At 3:06 PM Jenneh the Brave didn't hesitated a moment, grabbed the orange and threw it through the room like a pro baseball player!
Flierp bounced back on all objects and attacked Jenneh the Brave without mercy!!!
The whole room was covered with her blood, and the situation seemed hopeless, untill Jenneh did what she had to do long ago...
She grabbed flierp and peeled his skin off, uncovering the juicy flesh beneath it, and with one big gulp she ate him whole.
Orange flierp screamed and saw the big gaping hole come closer and closer, untill he was surrounded by it, and that was the last thing he saw...

All the other oranges were shocked and all 666 jumped out of the window, right ontop of our reporter.

That concludes today's newsflash about Flierp, the evil orange.

22.11.08 23:29

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